About Us

Our Organization

The Arc was created over 60 years ago by parents determined to ensure the most full and independent lives possible for their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Arc Bay County was formed in 1952 by a group of parents because they found there were no programs or services for their children with disabilities and choices were limited to staying home or being institutionalized.

Our Programs

The Arc Bay County provides a variety of services.  We serve as Representative Payee for over 180 individuals.

We provide advocacy for our members and the community with our Social Security Advocate and Consultant program.  We also provide education and information with our Education Advocacy program.

Our Board of Directors

Jill Bourcier, President

Melissa Srebinski, Vice-President

Barb Prueter, Secretary

Randy Morse, Treasurer

Sharolyn Meyer, Executive Director

Rene Jones, Past-President

Our Board Members

Peter Avery

Jolene Hawkins

Ed Heinlein

Dorian Matthews

Troy Stewart

Our Staff Roster

Sharolyn Meyer, Executive Director

Seth Meyer, Representative Payee Assistant

Sharon Roznowski, Office Assistant

Jill Schultz, Education Advocate

Arlene Warner, Social Security / Medicaid Consultant and Advocate

The Arc Bay County invites you to learn more about the dedicated individuals who serve on our board and who work in our office.  You may also contact us at The Arc Bay County for more information.

We appreciate your visit, and will provide more information about us as we develop our site to better serve you. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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